In the 1970s, the only way to obtain outdoor clothing adapted to our climate was to make it yourself. It was during this era, that the Québec company, Kanuk, was founded in 1974, by Louis Grenier, an avid winter outdoorsman. Surrounded by a team equally as passionate about winter and winter activities as himself, M. Grenier and Kanuk created their first design: the Kangaroo anorak, with zippers under the arms for ventilation. Kanuk's first parka arrived soon after, insulated with synthetic materials to repel humidity. Everyone held firm to the conviction that Québec's famous winters, with their extreme temperatures, biting wind, frequent storms, and the dampness brought on by proximity to the river - it all required well made, well tailored coats that kept warm, worked as they were supposed to and exhibited a timeless style. And so it was that our earliest customers, people who loved the great outdoors, wore their Kanuks in town and spread the word about their warm and comfortable parkas. Through word of mouth, Kanuk gradually became the iconic brand and outdoor clothing reference it is today.
Now, more than forty years later, Kanuk continues to put its unrivalled expertise to work, producing winter clothing designed here, made here... for here.

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