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New west parking all in style

July 12, 2018

Place Ste-Foy is pleased to announce the opening of its second parkade. A total of 1,500 parking spaces is now available in the two new structures. As well, valet parking will continue to be available to all Place Ste-Foy shoppers.

The new four-storey parkades balance out the parking available on each side of the shopping centre’s food court and improve the traffic flow in a rapidly densifying area. A total of $110 million has been invested in recent years to add the two new parking garages, fully revitalize the shopping centre and build the food court, now located in the north wing of the property.

"We think it’s strategic to invest in our properties on Laurier Boulevard, one of the most competitive and dominant commercial arteries in Quebec City," said Johanne Marcotte, Vice President, Operations, Retail, at Ivanhoé Cambridge. "We have invested almost $400 million in Place Sainte-Foy and Laurier Québec since 2010, and this initiative is part of our strategy of investing in our shopping centres to maintain and strengthen their competitive position in the market."

"Place Ste-Foy has a dominant position in the Quebec City region, and we are very pleased to offer new parking garages that meet the needs of our customers elegantly and efficiently," stated Donald Larose, Manager, Place Ste-Foy, Laurier Québec and Édifice Price.

A parking garage with leading-edge technology

Like the first parking garage inaugurated in 2017, the second structure is equipped with high-efficiency lighting and modern, dynamic technologies, including electronic sensors connected to digital panels with a real-time display of the number of available parking spaces. Ultimately, the two parkades will have about 10 charging stations for electric vehicles.

To optimize visitor security, intercoms have been installed in various places in the parking garage so that the Place Ste-Foy security team can be alerted in an emergency. In addition, the pedestrian passageways and elevators have been clearly identified with contrasting colours. Walkways directly linked to the shopping centre, at Maurice Tanguay Signature and entrance no. 3, are also accessible to Place Sainte-Foy’s customers.

A winning design

The first parking garage was awarded a prize in the commercial and industrial/new construction category of Quebec City’s 2017 Mérites d’architecture competition. For the exterior cladding, Coarchitecture, the Quebec City firm retained to design the structures, took inspiration from the history of Place Ste-Foy, selecting textured and colourful finishing that recalls the leaves of the oak forest that stood on the land where the shopping centre was built. The first structure’s reddish-orange tones bring to mind autumn leaves, while the second features warm-weather colours, such as yellow and green.