If you are a registered non-profit organization (holding a number), and you would like to obtain a space at Place Ste-Foy, please read the rules below.

Only the associations and the non-profit organizations that operate in the greater Quebec area can have access to a community booth. They must function in the domains of health, education or prevention.
The allowed activities at the community booth  are awareness campaigns, volunteer recruiting, donation collection, or the sales of articles or products to raise funds.
There can only be two associations or non-profit organizations a month. The booth can take place for a maximum of two days, ideally on the Friday and Saturday, from January to October.
The request for a booth must be done in writing via email at [email protected]. The request must be made a minimum of one month prior to the requested date. A request does not guarantee a space.
The kiosk will be located near Entrance #7 and Archambault, depending on the availability of the space.


We will provide you with a booth or a table and two chairs, free of charge;

The background elements can’t be more than 4 feet high in order not to hide the store windows. They must also be simple and esthetic;

Adding tables or chairs around the booth is not allowed;

There can be up to two volunteers at a booth;

Meals must be taken outside of the booth space;

The assembly and disassembly of the booth must take place outside of the center’s opening hours, if need be;

The tenant must provide a valid proof of liability insurance, to which the four additional insured of Ivanhoe Cambridge will be added;

Solicitation by the tenant or by any representative of the tenant is strictly forbidden. The tenant must stay in the limits of the rented space, being within the booth provided by Place Ste-Foy, allowing all clients to approach at will. The tenant agrees not to distribute flyers or other material to any client outside of the provided occupancy space;

Respect all the rules that will be included in your occupancy contract.