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Book interview with Guillaume Musso

Since he began writing, Guillaume Musso, author of Will You Be There?, has released a new novel every year. Luckily for his fans, it doesn’t seem like he will stop writing any time soon!

Guillaume, two of your novels (Et après… and Parce que je t'aime​) were adapted for film. Do you have any other projects in development heading to the big screen?

Seras-tu là? was just shot in South Korea. Koreans particularly like my stories with a supernatural dimension. It’s the country where I sell the most books out of anywhere in the world. I’m also in advanced discussions regarding an English adaptation of Central Park. Further, there is a lot of interest from the television world for my 14th and most recent book, La fille de Brooklyn [which has not yet been published in English].

You’ve sold 25 million books around the world. Are there any celebrities among your readers?

Apparently, Evangeline Lilly (Lost and The Hobbit) turned down a role in a top-rated American series so she could be in Afterwards… because she liked the story.

Do you have a specific process for finding inspiration?

I work almost every day. If I really have problems writing, I go back to basics and write in a notebook with a fountain pen. And if I really have to take drastic measures, I go on a trip. Airports stimulate my imagination. I like to go to New York, where I can take in the city’s energy and transform it into creative energy.

Which books would you recommend to people who don’t read much? Do you have any favourite novels?

I really love The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy. It’s the quintessential American novel. It’s 1,000 pages of breath, poetry, love, and police investigation. The book is an absolute wonder, and very powerful. I’ve often given it, and suggested it, to people who don’t like to read much. Another book I like a lot is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon. It’s a moving and poignant novel. The more you read, the more you’re taken in.

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