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Interview with chef Chuck Hughes

In the kitchen, Canada renowned chef Chuck Hughes likes to keep things simple. But the star of Chuck's Days Off and Chuck's Eat the Street always adds a touch of originality—a philosophy he also applies to his everyday life. We met with the charismatic chef, who truly holds cooking dear to his heart.


Chuck, what are your must-haves when it comes to recipes?
When my fridge at home is empty, I can always find something to whip up with potatoes. I never run out of ideas! Potato salad, stuffed baked potatoes in the oven, gratin dauphinois, or the best combo of all time: homemade fries and mayonnaise!

What is your clothing style like on television, in the kitchen and in everyday life?
I always wear a black t-shirt. Sometimes, I swap it for a denim shirt. My girlfriend recently counted how many black t-shirts I own, and there are 75—25 of which are still in their wrapping (laughs). I'm also obsessed with baseball caps!

Is there an accessory that really makes a difference in your look?
Vans have been my favourite shoe since I was 12 years old. At the time, the brand was linked to surfers and skateboarders. Even though Vans sends me different models nowadays, I still continue to buy them. I even helped design a shoe, which was created specifically for people who work in a kitchen environment.

If one were to look for you at the mall, where would one be most likely to find you?
In a sports store, buying new hockey, ski, softball, or workout equipment.

Lastly, what will be the top food trend of 2017?
Some people would answer “kale” or maybe “quinoa”. Personally, I don’t believe in food trends. Daring to try new recipes, using foods you’ve never cooked before—that’s what’s trendy. Trying something new!

-Chuck Hughes owns restaurants Le Garde-manger et Le Bremner restaurant in Montreal.

-Chuck's Eat the Street: Thursdays at 7:30 am on the Cooking Channel.

Photos: Dominique Lafond

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